BiddWinn - Opportunity

Joining Membership fee for each user is Rs.2,999/-.

For this Joining Fee, you will receive a product worth of same amount.

This amount valid only for 40 times of bidding.

What is BiddWinn

Bidding Value

  • Bid Value is Rs.250/-. You can do maximum of 10 bids per day per each time.
  • If you win the Bid, then you must pay the difference of the Bidding Amount.
  • If you won't win the Bid, then you will get 1.25/- times of your bid amount.
  • Eg: If you bid for Rs.500/- then, if you won't win the bid then you will get Rs.625/-after 40 days of your bidding date.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Users can cancel the bids at any point of the time (after 24 hours of the bidding) and can withdraw the total bidding amount.

Bidding Referral Income:

  • If the User Refers any single / multiple persons he will receive the Referral Income of 10% of the profit of the Down-line Person.

Conditions Applicable:

  • Sponsor Person should atleast participate in one Bid.
  • Down-line person shouldn’t cancel the Bid.
  • Down-line person wins the product then this income won’t be not applicable.

Re Top-Up:

  • After 40 times of Completion of Bidding, you must Re Top-up Your ID (Rs.2500/-) to continuation of Bidding.
  • Once Your Downline does the Re Top-up then you will receive 20% of the Matching binary but max of Rs.500/-.

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can cancel this plan at any point of time from Bidding Option and you are eligible for the Total Money Back.
  • You can also win Products at the bidding time.
  • Min. Bid amount is Rs.250/-
  • You can do Max. of 10 bids per day per User ID.
  • Tax Deductions: From all the above said income sources, will deduct 10% as a Service Tax.

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